IT Support Engineer Interview Questions

Discuss the ways you support your team when they work on daily activities or projects. They should be aware of the latest trends in information technology and how to integrate these into the organization’s technology strategy. They should have good problem-solving skills and methodologies to work through an issue to a resolution quickly and efficiently. Please detail the sequence of steps performed by the computer’s bios when a computer is turned on. Analysts work in high-pressure environments and may have to field criticism and complaints from customers and colleagues, so you don’t want to hire someone with a thin skin. Look for interviewees who demonstrate a capacity to learn from peer criticism and customer complaints rather than taking them personally.

  • During an interview, the interviewer can ask you a wide range of questions about any device, system, software, application, or other aspects of an information technology environment.
  • Learning this HKR’s frequently designed Service help desk analyst interview questions will help you to crack any type of complex interview.
  • For IT support, the solving of a problem in a prompt manner is important.
  • Any answer you provide will be correct as long as you can justify the criteria you use in the prioritization process.

I will first check the power cable and then the VGA or DVI cables and ports to rule out any hardware issues. After that, I will connect a spare monitor, if available, to the computer to make sure the monitor itself is not faulty. All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on

Describe a time when you went above and beyond to help a customer.

Using IP addresses, a web browser communicates with the Internet. A job in IT assistance may be the best fit for you if you love interacting with people and dealing with computers, networking equipment, and other people. It’s possible to enter practically any tech-related field with an IT/Desktop support career. It’s also a terrific method to pick up exceptional technical skills from the finest in the business. Thank you so much for sharing the interview questions with answers ….. It’s a type of fast, parallel bus that is used to connect several devices within the computer, including hard disks, scanners, CD-ROM, and tape drives.

help desk support engineer interview questions and answers

You also can mention that you possess the skills and flexibility to handle any challenging chore. BIOS is abbreviated as a basic input output system and present in all computers. The main purpose of the BIOS is that it ensures that all the components of the computer function together. Indicates help desk engineer the candidate’s ability to follow company best practices and escalate issues when necessary. As a Senior Writer for HKR Trainings, Sai Manikanth has a great understanding of today’s data-driven environment, which includes key aspects such as Business Intelligence and data management.

Name the latest computer processors?

It is my responsibility to make sure the person seeking assistance is satisfied with the service provided. A computer runs the DHCP client and sends a broadcast message requesting an IP address. The computer accepts the IP address by sending a message back to the server. The purpose of a logical drive is to optimize storage performance by making contiguous storage units, allowing them to interact optimally without intervening with irrelevant or unrelated physical units. After making sure that the printer is powered on, and the computer is connected to the printer, I will open the „Add Printer” wizard in Windows and select the required printer from the list of available printers.

What are the questions asked in support engineer interview?

  • What made you get into technical support?
  • What is your troubleshooting process?
  • Why did you want to work in our IT department?
  • What makes you qualified to provide tech support?

I have my interview in exactly 2 weeks and these helpful tutorials are absolutely perfect for those who don’t know. He is extremely passionate about helping people pass their interviews, and his success rate is unrivalled within the interview training sector. Thank you so much..i have an interview later…it helped a lot to boost my confidence. Honestly this information gave me a sense on how to handle my interview as well as improve my interview skills. Carry out troubleshooting processes to get to the bottom of a product or IT related issue. A user complains about lockups and reboots of his PC what could be the reason.

Can you change a Hard Disk into Dynamic? If yes, how?

This problem restricts your operating system to work correctly. If you get this error repeatedly, clean the chip of the RAM to resolve this issue. If the error still occurs, remove your RAM from the system and check it on another computer to see if the issue is with RAM. There is a unique code to every error of the Blue Screen of Death. You can copy it and search on Google for more detail or contact someone who knows about it.

Users and groups are assigned permissions, and you, as the administrator, decide which users have access to which resources. The user’s rights outline their intended method of resource access. The default gateway is the IP address of the router in the network. In any case, if the user wants to switch on to another network, or if they cannot locate their particular network than their query will be forwarded to the default gateway. There is one difference between the domain controller and additional domain controller, on DC all five operational roles are available while in ADC only three operational role is available.